We are a company that devotes to study the case of each patient, recommending him the best facultativos of Barcelona and offering him the maximum quality and confidence.
Our end is the mejoría and the satisfaction of the patient.

We are a company that works with the medical centres but famous and prestigious of Barcelona, providing the tecnolonogías and the most advanced equipments and innovative, with the most recognised specialists of international level. We study the case of each patient, proposing the facultativo or treatment more adapted for a main result, offering the maximum quality and confidence. 

We will occupy us to make the corresponding formalities to request the date in the clinic or hospital chosen. If it wishes it for his comfort, will collect him in the airport accompanying him to the hotel or medical centre, putting to his disposal the services of an interpreter so that his visit was comprehensible and clear.

We will be to his side orienting him during all the treatment, helping him and resolving any doubt, problem or need that appear during the process. Our work is to achieve his mejoría, our challenge is to attain his confidence.

Barcelona is one of the cities more cosmopolita of Spain, his architecture, his monuments, his culture and his ancient history turn it into one of the most important of the world. From it does decades is one of the pioneering cities in the field of the medicine, by his continuous advances and his modern technology.
The pleasant Mediterranean climate will do that his stay was more pleasant, is the ideal fate for his recovery and treatment.


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